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Logging SQL Queries in MVC With Entity Framework 6

Entity Framework Logo

As developers we’re inclined to want to understand what is happening under the hood or at least know that we can check if we wanted to. This is the case with Entity Framework, which performs some magic to provide access to a database and allowing us to perform actions against it. While 99% of the… Continue Reading

TSQL get date difference as string

I found myself recently needing to be able to present the user with the difference between two dates as a string, unfortunately the data had to come straight from SQL Server into the application that they was using ready to be displayed. After spending quite some time looking around the Internet to try and find… Continue Reading

Installed Excel versions and location

Microsoft Excel is probably one of the most used pieces of software on the planet. Spreadsheets are used heavily throughout the business world and Microsoft have enjoyed their Office suite taking a large proportion of businesses There was a question recently on Stack Overflow¬†which I felt was a challenge to answer as I couldn’t find… Continue Reading

Getting an applications Icon

This is one of those pieces of code that you spend ages trying to find/figure out but once you do get it, it is annoyingly simple. I recently needed to get the Icon that was being used as the application so that it could be used within the application consistently, this is the code that… Continue Reading

Generate a password

Something that I found that I frequently come across is the need to generate a random string, so I ended up creating a simple shared function that dealt with that for me. Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic Public Class PasswordFunctions ”’ <summary> ”’ This function generates a random password allowing for the specification of the contents ”’ </summary>… Continue Reading